About the Author

You know me by now as Anastasia King, fantasy-romance author. Let's go behind the pen-name...

Let me introduce myself. I'm Bre!

Personal Nonsense

I'm a twenty-something-year-old from Brooklyn, NY. I created a pen name because I wanted to separate my creative career from my medical career. 'Anastasia' was my favorite princess as a kid. I told my mom she had to rename me to Breannastasia. I'll tell you more about it later.

I'm a proud mom to three fur babies. My biggest boy, Fenris, is a beautiful, loving German Shepherd. He's my best friend, my first rescue, and my saving grace. The middle brat is Remzi, a Bengal cat who basically runs the household. We also recently welcomed a rookie to the team. A three-month-old, Australian Shepherd mix named Eden. She's a flower-child.

Fenris got his name from a video game called Dragon Age. One of my long-standing favorites. The name actually comes from Norse Mythology-- a wolf-god of destruction. Basically, a badass.

Remzi is a cutened version of the name Ramses. Very fitting since my cat does act as regal and entitled as a Pharoah. 

Eden is another video game-inspired name. Mass Effect is one of my earliest game obsessions, and 'Eden Prime' is the civilization in which your first mission takes place. 

Besides my babies, I love art, cooking, and singing. Gardening is a new joy since I bought my first home. Every room in my house is a different, bold color. I collect art, crystals, and rare Barbie Dolls. Random, I know. My strengths are my creativity, ambition, and passion. A couple of my pet-peeves are sloppy manicures and people touching my stuff (lol).

Career Goals

Writing is my first love but I am currently working as a Registered Nurse. I published my first novel independently in 2019, and have been working on the second installment in its series since.

Through the pandemic, serving as a RN, I've learned one very important life lesson: do what you love. Deciding to go back to school for creative writing was a big pivot. Especially after working for almost 4 years as a nurse and for 10 years in the medical field total. Covid changed my perspective. I didn't fall out of love with helping others. In fact, I take great pride in what I do. But I don't love it. It doesn't set my soul on fire.

Realizing this did not come as a shock. I'd always felt directionless in nursing, but strived to do my best work at all times. I couldn't see my future. 

Then I wrote my first book. My childhood dreams were finally realized. Well, not all of them. You see, ever since I could hold a pencil, I've also been holding an Xbox controller. My dad instilled a deep love of writing and gaming in me. I fell in love with "play" and story-telling. I was an avid reader growing up, but interactive stories could not be beat. 

I'm really good at living in lalaland and I've decided to professionalize it. As I've gotten older, I've come to appreciate the impact a good story can have on one's life, one's outlook. Stories shape the world. 

Being a nurse is this great, admirable, angelic thing to me. I come from a family of nurses and cops, teachers and parents. But not professionals in the artistic field. For a long time, I struggled with reconciling my love of writing and entertainment with my sense of duty. Until now.

Play is important. Play is healing. Creativity opens the soul and mind. Art can save you. I'm very excited and just as proud to now be prioritizing my gifts. I want to share everything I've got inside me with the world: both the story teller and the healer.

Creative Style

Big, beautiful worlds that draw you in and don't let you go. Heroines who can chew you up and spit you out. Alpha males who might just pin you against the wall. Smut, smut, and more smut. Enemies to lovers. Blurred morals. We live in the gray zone here. And hunny, I'm not afraid to pull the trigger on any taboo. 

My fantasy books are realistic. We talk about trauma, addiction, assault, mental illness, violence, grief, etc. We are not shy here. But it's never without good reason. Remember what I said earlier? Art can save you.

I write with purpose. I don't want to blow bombs up in reader's faces. But sometimes... blending fantasy and reality can be exactly what the heart and mind need. Just enough magic to cope with the tragic. HAHA. 

Love. Abundance. Peace. Freedom. Expression. Empowerment. Mindfulness. Courage. Recovery. Growth. My stories trudge through the dark toward these goals. We don't shrivel up and die here. We fight and forge.

The name- Anastasia King

If you googled the name, you'll find something interesting alongside my books. The story of a woman who was murdered by her husband... the same year I learned to write. So, not only am I sharing her name with stories that boldly focus on female empowerment and freedom; I like to think I'm carrying it on. Telling stories for someone who was silenced... And for myself and anyone ekse who need to be reminded how powerful their voice and stories are.

What the fuck is taking so long?

Yeah, so, remember when I said I released my first novel in 2019? *cough* book two, isn't coming out until 02/14/2022... TENTATIVELY. Maybe earlier.

But you have to understand. This series is 13 years in the making. The last couple years have flown by-- a blip in time compared to the decade of developing my brain-child. I want to tell this story, not just sell this story. It needs to be done right. Trust me, it'll be worth the wait.

Books two through five are all being planned. Writing a series happens one novel at a time, but not one novel without the other in mind.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know me and what I'm up to a little better! Stay tuned on IG & Tiktok

@anastasiaking.og & @ worldofaureum on IG

@mythcrafter on Tiktok