The Full Wolf Moon 2022

"Your chains belong to me, little wolf."

The 2022 Full Wolf Moon will be on Monday January 17, 2022 18:48 EST or 23:48 UTC. This will be the first full moon of the Winter 2021-2022 season. 

You know what else is coming with this full moon? Kings of Shadow and Stone!

I chose this release date specifically because of this moon. Keres counts herself among the Sunderlands' Wolves, but she is a loner in book one. When she meets her enemy in book two, King Berlium, he calls her "little wolf."

In KOSAS, you'll get to explore the World of Aureum's Andretheoran Calendar and ZodiacKeres' Sign is called a Vertex, which is based on our Gemini. She was born on the twenty-first day of Enith in the Year of Strings, under the Tree constellation. You'll learn more about this and the world in the book! This Wolf Moon is in Cancer

Full Wolf Moon Fun Facts:

  • Best time to break old habits/patterns and overcome fear!
  • Creative thinking is powerful at this time, it will help you face the unknown.


What you can do to get ready:

January 2, 2022. Sunday afternoon, at 1:34 p.m. EST, will be the New MoonDuring the New Moon, you can do an energy clearing ritual. This is a time to make space for new beginnings, or get ready for a new story! It's a powerful time for manifestation. In KOSAS, Keres faces the darker side of her power and her desires. She learns to overcome fear and grief. She pushes herself to be the best she can be for herself and for her people.

  • Connect with your deepest desires.
  • Set intentions for how you want to show up in this world.
  • Embrace your personal power to co-create with the Universe.
  • Honor who you are.

On release Day, January 17th: A very big theme for many of the characters in KOSAS is surrender: To stand in their power rather than trying to fit yourself in a box you don’t belong in or confining themselves to others' expectations. Many of the characters struggle with their self-worth, but they discover the power that lies within.

  • Express gratitude for all you have.
  • Use positive affirmations (fhunt for book quotes that resonate)!
  • Embrace both the light and darkness within.
  • Surrender and just be. Your dreams are coming to you!

Crystals you can use: