Solar Flare Info & Trigger Warning

For those of us who’ve been demonized for their sexuality, dismissed for their feelings, diluted, debased, or left to die in the throes of violent societal paradigms.

Author’s Note:
What you can expect is a love story between two people who have individually turned pain into power, brought art into their sex life, and give no fucks about anyone else’s opinion. They live and love in their truths, and will eventually find their Happily Ever After!
Please remember, every survivor’s story is different. In this story, the main character experiences/exhibits hypersexual and risk-taking behaviors. These are her symptoms of her PTSD, not an attempt by the author to romanticize or irresponsibly sexualize her or her trauma.
This book is not intended to teach anything about SA or trauma responses. It is simply a survivor’s story. Although, I’d encourage anyone to research the aftermath of SA if they’re curious. Not everyone experiences the same issues after assault/traumatization. I implore all my readers to be nonjudgmental and compassionate, not only to this fictional character, but to themselves and others while recovering and coping.

WARNING: This story is not suitable for persons under the age of 18. This book contains triggers. Allusions to sexual assault. Portrayals of life after rape, with emphasis on the psychological, emotional, and physical trauma, including depression, anxiety, feelings of hopelessness, hypersexualization, alcohol abuse, and PTSD. A limited portrayal of sex work; including doxxing/violation of privacy, and consequential feelings of humiliation and grief. Themes of misogyny. Graphically explicit, consensual and dubiously consensual sex scenes including: bondage; breath play; knife play; blood play and consumption; impact play; praise and degradation; voyeurism; and creation of pornography; and explicit language.

National Sexual Assault Hotline (RAINN, United States) 1-800-656-4673

Please do not be afraid to reach out to a hotline in your country of residence. From one survivor to another, you deserve help and it is safe for you to receive the help you need. You do not need anyone’s permission to ask for help. Give yourself the chance.

Tentative Release Date 10/31/22