Signed Books, Gift Sets, DLCs!

You asked, I signed. The Sunderlands will now be available here as part of a bundle deal, along with other goodies. 

You'll get a signed copy, an art print, illustrated stickers, DLCs, and crystals in your bundle. But what does all of that mean and why am I selling crystals with my books? Let me lay it all out.

Signed Copy: means you're getting a paperback, signed by me. I'll make it out to your name and add a little message in :)

Art PrintI was privileged to collaborate with Miss Dominique Wesson, a talented artist. After book one was published, she and I came up with a concept art for Keres. We captured what she might have looked like in the final battle scene, poised with her scythe. She's drop-dead gorgeous.

It's an 8x10 print, on fancy matte poster paper. Perfect to accessorize your reading room. It is unframed but you can definitely frame it if you want to. It will ship protected and unbent, as part of the bundle. Author signature on the back.

Illustrated Stickers: These stickers are the beautiful work of Micaela Alcaino, the illustrator for book one. Pop the art right out of the book and stick it wherever you like! 

Two stickers, including Keres' bow and Hero's mirror. 4x4 dimensions and laser cut.

DLCs: Downloadable Content. I'm going to be writing some very special content for bundles and for gift sets.

In the Sunderlands Bundle, you will receive a digital file containing a sneak peek into book two, Kings of Stone and Shadows. This will be a raw sample, drafted and edited by me, before it reaches beta readers. You'll receive it as a PDF, to your email.

In the Gift Sets, which I'll explain in a second, there will also be a DLC. An unpublished "chapter." Think of these as spin-off content, written in the POV of your favorite character.

All of the DLCs are copyrighted material and may not be reproduced!

Gift Sets: Okay, what the hell is up with these crystals?

In book one, Keres is gifted a crystal. It's a token of appreciation from someone she helps, and it's meant to energize her on her spiritual journey.

Being the servant to a God, Keres explores her divine identity, beliefs, and sense of duty throughout the book. She often feels drained. I chose Bloodstone as the crystal she receives. It's revitalising and protecting. It's believed to support one's life force. Very beneficial for our broody, Lady Death!

Throughout her development, Keres appreciates the spiritual aspect of her being. She also collects crystals. To her, they're little companions that she feels channel or contain energies she wants to attract.

When she looks at her Bloodstone, holding it in her hand and feeling its calming coolness against her skin, she thinks about the power of her life force. It's somewhat of a token, to remind her of this when she feels drained.

To make your experience in the World of Aureum more immersive, I'm now offering crystals you can collect alongside her. 

All of these crystals are mindfully chosen by me, cleansed, and infused with positive energy. I hope you'll accept them into your reading space, and that they'll at least make you feel like you have a part of the story you can hold in your hand.

Character Crystals vs Bundle Crystal Gift Sets:

As part of the Sunderlands Bundle, you'll be gifted three crystals that represent emotional, mental, and spiritual themes in book one. Including, Bloodstone, Black Tourmaline, and King Cobra Jasper. Along with a hand-written explanation for each one and a backstory to how it relates to the books.

Character Crystals are gift sets available outside of the bundles. These are crystals of all shapes and sizes, raw or tumbled, that are hand-picked for their properities.

Does a specific character resonate with you? You'll be able to choose a crystal based on which character it relates to. AND, you will receive a DLC, an unpublished chapter as mentioned above- written in the POV of that character.

Again, a hand-written explanation of the crystal will be included.

To wrap up (pun intended), your Book Bundles and Gift Sets will be carefully packaged for safe shipping. Expect a hand-written thank you note with every purchase! 

ALL profits fund the production of book two! Which means, your continued support is helping me make magic.

SEPTEMBER GIVEAWAY: Shoot your shot at winning a signed copy in my 5K giveaway on Tiktok.

I cannot express how much your support means to me. I am endlessly thankful.

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