Kings of Shadow & Stone Trigger Warning

WARNING: This story is not suitable for persons under the
age of 18. This book contains triggers. This book contains portrayals of non-consensual, consensual non-consensual or dubious consent, and consensual sexually explicit scenes. As well as adult language; graphic violence and disturbing imagery; themes of addiction and substance use; themes of grief and suicidal ideation; bondage and blood-play/consumption.This story was written fearlessly but with sensitivity.

Things to look forward to: a magical world teeming with secrets, a badass
anti-heroine who’s not afraid to be a brat or a bitch to get her way, broody
alpha males, and aggressive assholes who’ll melt your panties off. I don’t
do instant love. Our characters got game and no shame.

You don’t have to like the main protagonist and antagonist—they are monsters.
Everybody’s got demons. If you don’t want to explore the dark with
them, turn back now. Nobody’s going to judge you. If you’re one of the
freaks… let’s play.



Servant to the God of Death, now a prisoner of war. Keres' chains are in the hands of her enemy and he’s bringing her to heel. As twists of fate entangle her, she must learn to play the strings or become the spell-bound puppet. The bargain for freedom, a bond forged in darkness. The deadly game between Gods and mortals has only just begun.

Scattered throughout the gold lands, Keres' allies must find their way in a world at war. A Daemon forged in fire. An Oracle who'd question the Gods. A knight scorned by his lady. The Seer who envisions their fates.