King of the Baore

“Those who wear crowns don’t bow.”

Fun facts- I met the king when I was about 11 years old.

King Berlium is the cornerstone on which the entire series was built. Even while the main character, Keres, changed several times... he didn’t.

The world of Aureum series was always intended to be five books. It was plotted and drafted over about 15 years. Most characters’ names changed multiple times, including Keres’ and other significant members of the cast. Major themes and plots were overhauled, but he remained unscathed.

Originally, Keres was named Resayla Kalen, and wasn’t a mortal instrument for the God of Death. She was a descendant of a runaway queen. Lost for generations and found by... King Berlium, her ancestors’ enemy.

No matter how many times the story crumbled and was rebuilt, King Berlium endured every draft. Always answering to the same name, always described the same way. True to form, his character is as resilient as my intentions for him.

Not only is the Grizzly King the OG enemy... His backstory laid the foundation for the entire series! It has never been altered, but his character arc/progression has evolved. His story was written well before the rest of the series was even an idea.

I made his name up based on my fave vocabulary word at the time: Burly. It means large & strong, heavily built. 💪🏼 he certainly is 😍

In book one, he was a name. Orchestrating events from behind the curtain (across the border of the Sunderlands). In book two, he continues to propel the series forward... but is very present. Very demanding. And very well prepared to meet you 😈

After all these years, the King and I are wondering whether the world is finally ready to read him...