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"My absolute favorite part about this book wasn’t the tension or the angst, the romance or the political intrigue. Although they all played part, my ABSOLUTE favorite part of this book was Keres. She is fierce and loyal. She is herself throughout the whole book. Since the first page you learn about her and exactly what she stands for and who she stands with and that never changes. She is a ferocious, cunning warrior until the very last page, but she grows in so ways." Goodreads Review by Ossiris G.

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"If you thought Keres’ origin story in The Sunderlands was good, wait until you get your hands on this spicey, epic, and fantastic sequel! The world of Aureum will be on the list of fictional places you’ll want to be in and reminds you of places like LOTR’s Middle Earth (only more for adults) and Laura Thalassa’s Rhapsodic!"
Adriana S. review of Kings of Shadow and Stone

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"An origin story for Keres, we’re only beginning to understand the intricacies of a world steeped in prejudice, violence, and war. The players of this chess game are half(or fully) mad, and it falls to our servant of the God of Death to pick up the scattered pieces to enact justice... Update after reading Kings of Shadow and Stone (book #2)... As much as I absolutely loved Sunderlands, book 2 truly shows the depth of the characters and reveals so much backstory and additional understanding. It feels like reading real people. If anything ever happens to them I will mourn them like family." -Goodreads Review, by Sophia B.

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My magic was like lightning in the heat of summer. Without the rain, without the thunder.

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I was an in-demand artist who turned her body into a canvas. Put a price on my pleasure and performed. I crossed the threshold between privacy and publicity; lifted myself onto the altar for examination.
Like a sacrificial lamb, I'll be bled for my choice. Like Lucifer or Icarus, I'll be blamed for my downfall. For wanting to see power in pleasure and pain.
Not the first angel to fall, not the last to be demonized.

But I'll be damned if I don't write my name over the devil's tongue
and make him call me his.

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